After ordering a shed, building it, insulating it and painting ready for use as my office space, it was time to get the electric and internet out there ready to work. To get internet into my garden, I purchased loads of booster discs to try and just boost the signal into the garden, not only for my laptop but for my VoIP phone as well on BT’s first suggestion. This did not work; the internet was not strong enough to use for work and I somehow wrecked the WIFI signal across my house as well. After speaking to BT, the only thing they said I could do now was to take on a new line and subscription at a substantial additional cost every month (double what I was paying). I then rang MT, speaking to Mick’s colleague on Monday at around 13.00pm, I was informed they could solve it by running a cable from my router, across the outside of the house into the new office. They would then fit sockets into the office so I could plug in my equipment using a standard internet cable. This was the perfect solution; I was informed they were very busy but would come out first thing the next day before another job at 08.00 am to sort it for me.

Mick’s colleague was round at 7.50am the next morning, fitted the internet cable and ran it along the outside of the house, fitted a socket inside the new office and came with some extra Netgear equipment which not only distributes the internet to my laptop and phone but also powers the devices which has meant I have managed to get rid of some plugs. (Added bonus as we need to keep the power in the office space to a minimum).

I cannot recommend Mick and the team at MT enough, squeezed me in at short notice, fixed the problem quickly and efficiently saving me over a £1000 over 2 years against BT’s only suggestion. Moving forward, I will be ringing Mick and the team at MT for any internet issues, BT or the providers will not even come into my thoughts, whether moving to a new house in the future or any issues here.

Frank eXchange