Structured cabling is the highway that links all your business communications together, it is important to keep it running efficiently!


Any network device from telephones and computers, to CCTV, Wi-Fi access points and servers, all require good quality infrastructure. It is important that your structured cabling is working and installed correctly. This ensures that you get the maximum efficiency from your communications today and in the future.


There are various different standards for copper and fibre networks to consider, each with varying degrees of price and performance. Most commonly, we provide copper ethernet cabling to the desktop with fibre backbones to multiple wiring racks for larger networks. We also offer fibre to the desk/workgroup solutions.


Further to the initial design, planning and implementation of your structured cabling network, our Support Team provide advice and guidance on the type of cabling most suited for your needs and a review of your existing network.


We also offer a tidy and test service for unmaintained networks, or networks that have gotten out of hand. 


At MT Communications we know that every business is different. We offer a free Site Survey as part of our Structured Cabling Installations that allows us to see your premises, assess cable routes, understand your requirements. and propose the right solution for your premises.


To find out more about our Structured Cabling service, or to arrange a site survey, please call us on 01603 594040 or fill out our enquiry form.